If you’re a beginner you may have been struggling from increaing your like and followers on Tik Tok. This happened with all of us. When I first downloaded the tik tok app and uploaded almost 20 quality videos.

I’ve just received 20 likes and 30 followers in a month and I was really depressed. So it’s a natural thing that happens to everyone. Before writing this post I’ve done a lot of research on how to increase like on Tik Tok. I have explained all the methods that are listed on the internet below.

Tik Tok Likes Hack


Note: This post is all about Tik Tok likes. If you want to increase your tik tok followers then check our other post, Tik Tok followers hack 2019


Tik Tok Likes Using Website

There are so many websites out there offering 10,000 likes and followers on tik tok for free. The method is to provide them with Human Verification on which on approval you will receive this amount.

I’ve tried almost 10 different sites and none of them worked for me. I’ve completed all their surveys and downloaded all the listed app but was really dissappointed with the result. So this method is not recommended.


Tik Tok Likes Using Auto Liker Application

If you open google play store and enter the term “Tik Tok likes”, you will see different apps that are offering Tik Tok likes and followers for free. I’ve tested the top 5 results and didn’t receive the result I was expecting. They all have great reviews and ratings, i don’t know how they did that but the apps are terrible.

First you have to wait about 1-2 days to receive this. I’ve waited almost 4 days and didn’t receive a single like or follower. If you have found an app that is really providing Likes and followers then do let us know in the comment section. We would love to test that and list it on our website. In the meantime for other users, this method is not-recommended.


Tik Tok likes using Hashtags

This is the basic method but I would like to mention it. The best way to gain tik tok likes and followers is to use trending Hashtags with your videos.

If your video content is unique and your idea is better then others, then you will receive tons of like and followers in a matter of days naturally. This method is recommended for all the tik tok users.

Using Like4like and feature me hashtags

This is the most natural method on every social media platform like Facebook, youtube, instagram, Twitter etc. You will like other peoples content and they will like yours.

Just search for the hashtags #like4like or #likeforlike and visit each hashtag and like other videos. There are so many different Hashtags that you can enter to gain like. #Featureme is also good for getting likes. This method is highly recommended for everyone.

Note: You can also use this mehtod to gain followers #follow4follow.


Increasing Tik Tok Likes Using The Like-Dislike Method

Giving a like on other peoples profile is always amazing. If you randomly give a like to newbie tik tok user with less then 1000 followers, then there is a higher chance then they will follow you or like you back. This is the best method to gain likes with harming your profile.

The method is discribed below.

  • Open your tik tok application and go to the search bar
  • Go to trending video and scroll down to the bottom
  • Click on the last video and give it a like
  • Scroll up and like the above video
  • Repeat this method for 30-40 times
  • Comment on a video too, this looks natural
  • Recommended for all users