Tik Tok a Chinese based short video streaming app has taken over of the internet for the past couple of months. Its popularity is increasing throughout the globe every day.

There are more than 100 million registered users on tik tok and 500+ million videos are uploaded on the platform daily. We’re not here to talk about the history of this app, we’re here to talk about how to gain fans and followers on tik tok.

Tik Tok Followers Hack

Tik Tok Hack Followers 2019

Before writing this post I’ve researched a lot to find you the best tik tok followers hack that can boost your profile performance. I’ve tried so many application, websites and hacks to get likes and followers and none of them worked. That’s right, all the websites that are providing tik tok followers and likes using a human verification aka survey methods are all fake. How can one tell the difference? It’s simple, just enter a fake id name, any name in the search box and enter generate.

They will ask you to either install an application in your smartphone or to fill an online survey, which is basically a mean of getting money. So what is the method of getting Tik Tok followers in 2018? We have a tik tok guide(LINK: HOW TO GET A CROWN ON TIK TOK) which you can follow to get success in tik tok application. There are some other methods that you can follow to get followers in tik tok.


Getting Tik Tok Followers Manually

We have tried this method on almost 3 different tik tok account and gained almost 500-800 followers each week. This method is very simple and is described below.

  • Open Tik Tok application and visit any profile
  • The profile should be your local country
  • Go to their followers
  • Follow and Un-follow people on a daily basis


Tik Tok Followers Hack 2019

This trick sounds easy but believes me it’s not. The follow ration at the start should be greater than the unfollow rate. What is mean by this is you should follow 30-60 people daily at random time. Like you followed 5-10 people in the morning and then in the evening and so on. For example, you have followed almost 50 people in a day, wait for 2-3 days to follow you back.

If they don’t follow you back then Un-follow them. The most important thing about this method is that you have to keep your follow pace low. If people are following back your profile then increase the process rate to 60 people then 70, 80 and so on. Don’t follow more than 100 people at the start. This will look unnatural and there are high chances that your account will be banned.



We recommend you to not download any third party hack file or visit any un-appropriate site. The method described above is the best method to gain followers without getting your account banned. Also, keep visiting our site, we always update our site when newer method comes.