Most of the tik tok users are really curious about how to grow their profile with likes and followers. Getting tik tok likes and followers at the start is really a tricky step at the start.

Many people struggle for getting even 1000 followers and likes after posting 80-100 videos on their profile.

It’s a natural process and it takes time if you’re not using any hack or apk file which provides fake followers and likes. Today we’ve decided to share our experience with tik tok auto liker applications available on the internet.

If you go to the google play store and search the term “Tik Tok likes” you will find tons of different application that are providing these services. All of these apps are free and we’ve downloaded some of them to actually see if they are working or not.

We’ve followed all of their instructions that they have listed and waited almost 4 days to gain followers and likes. Not one of this application provided the services they were telling about.

There is no such thing as Tik Tok Auto Liker, all if these applications are providing false information to their users. If you’ve managed to find an application that is really providing likes and followers then your account will be banned in a matter of days.

Tik Tok advanced algorithm will instantly discover that your account has fake followers and will delete all the record that you have on your profile. So our recommendation for you guys is to follow all the legal steps to gain followers and likes. We have a bunch of different tips and tricks and guide for you to try.


Below we have provided some tips that you can follow to

Increase Your Likes And Followers

  • Choose a better spot to make a video
  • Make your room Bright and use proper lighting
  • You can also use different lightning gadgets also
  • Try to shoot your video next to a window, natural lighting is preferred
  • Use proper clothing
  • Be active, take a proper sleep and make a video when you’re highly active in a day
  • Try to shoot video at the start of the day, there is less noise and the lighting is perfect
  • Shoot and Reshoot, if you don’t like your previous shoot, just delete it and make a new one
  • Use a lot of trending hashtags, this will make your video viral
  • Make famous collab or duet videos with other tik tok users