How To Watch Tik Tok New Videos | TikTok Musically Videos

There are so many quality contents available on tik tok. You can spend hours watching other people funny videos and will never get tired. There are more than 500 million new videos available on tik tok every day and the numbers are significantly increasing. But how can one search the perfect video for themselves?

There are multiple methods that you can perform to see the newer content available on tik tok Musically.


Follow Your Favourite Fan

This is one of the basic things that you can follow to stay connected with your favorite tik tok user. The process is simple, just visit their profile picture and press the follow button. Now you will see every video that they upload on tik tok Home screen. You will also receive a notification that they have uploaded a newer video, go watch it. Notifications are also available in case they go Live.


How to watch Tik Tok New Videos


Use Search Result

If you want to watch something completely different then visit the search section of the app. You can now search for different queries in the search bar. If you want to search by a specific hashtag then search it. If you want to search a challenge video then search with the challenge name. For example #Hitormiss challenge is one of the most trending challenges on tik tok.


Tik Tok Search New Video


Use Other Social Media Platform

Tik Tok videos are trending on every social media platform. Facebook, snapchat, youtube, twitter, and Instagram are all filled with Tik Tok videos. You can also search your favorite tik tok user on Youtube if they are famous then someone has definitely made a compilation video on them.


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