Here we have Provided Beginner guide to Tik Tok videos and How to use it.

beginner guide to tiktok

In this blog, we have covered all the basic guide on how to download and install Tik Tok in your smartphone device.

Make sure to follow each step before doing any step on your own.


So let’s get started.

  • First of all, you have to go to App/Google Play store and download Tik Tok by searching its name
  • or You can download Apk file for tik tok from here
  • Next step is to Click on the bottom right icon

How to use Tik Tok

  • Now you have to sign up with your favorite social media account

Tik Tok Social Media Sign Up

  • After your account has been created, you can follow, like, share and subscribe to other tik tok users around the globe
  • Once you follow a user, you can see their timeline and other tik tok videos
  • You can also message them to make an awesome video together


How To Create a Video In Tik Tok

Creating a music video is very simple now, thanks to Tik Tok. You can now easily make a slo-mo, duo, squad or many other videos just by a single tap. So follow this beginner guide to create your very own first musically.


  • Click the Plus icon on the bottom of your screen

Create Tik Tok Videos

  • Now tap on pick a song

Make a Tik Tok Video

  • There are so many songs and music to try on tik tok
  • You can also search your favorite song or music in the search bar
  • Once you have selected a specified song or music, crop it with the duration of the video that you want to make

Tik Tok Crop Music Videos

  • After trimming the video, go ahead and choose your favorite camera speed.
  • You can choose different camera speed levels like 0.1x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x.
  • There are so many options here to try like flash, Delay, choose existing photos or videos
  • You can always check out these settings
  • Now film a video by pressing the camera icon
  • After shooting the video click on the camera icon again and press the Tick icon to save the video
  • This video is saved in your gallery

Now you can add tags, mention a friend, make this video public/private and Enable/Disable comments. You can Reshoot the video again, make the soundtrack, Add special effects, Cover and filters too. There are just so many options to try.

Now go ahead and make your very own first Musical video. Make sure to share your video with us, we would love to see it.


Tips and Tricks To Make An Awesome Tik Tok Video

  • Choose a better spot to make a video
  • The spot should be empty, and noise free
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the room
  • You can also use lightning gadgets to make your face glow
  • Natural lighting is preferred
  • Wear something in which you feel comfortable
  • Be active, take a proper sleep and make a video when you’re highly active in a day
  • Shoot and Reshoot, if you don’t like your previous shoot, just delete it
  • Use a lot of hashtags, this will make your video viral
  • Use popular and trending sound
  • Make famous collab or duet videos