How To Make A Duet On Tik Tok | TikTok Duet

Over the past few years, tik tok Musically has earned his fame on the social media community. Because of its millions of registered users and cool 15 seconds videos features, it may pass some of the most famous social media titles like Snapchat and Instagram over the coming years.

There are tons of great stuff you can do from within the app, Like editing a video, combining special effects, songs, music, filters and much more. The most important and fun feature of tik tok is making a duet with another person. Duet videos are the most popular and trending videos currently on every social media platform.


What is a Tik Tok duet video?

In a duet video, you simply combine your video with someone else video. You can react, perform some action, mimic, play, dance, sing and mimic with another person.

How to make a duet video?

Making a duet video is easier than before. We have listed down all the basic steps that you need to follow in order to create a funny duet for your profile.

Step 1

  • Browse the video that you want to perform your duet with and open his/her video.

Tik Tok Duet Videos

Step 2

  • Now press on the share icon. There are different features that you can perform from here. You can share this video on multiple platforms, you can copy the video URL, you can also report this video to the developers. We want to make a duet with this video so we will press the “Duet” icon.

How to Tik Tok Duet Videos

Step 3

  • Now your standard tik tok camera will open which will allow you to record your video, like you record on the normal basis. You can perform different features from here like Epic, Slow. Norm and fast. You can also choose your video from the phone gallery.

Tik Tok Duet Videos

Step 4

  • Once you have recorded your video with filters and special effects. It’s time to publish your duet. Go ahead and press the “Next” button, Enter tags and video restrictions and tap on “post”.

Duet Videos for Tik Tok

You can also make a collage video by following the same method described above. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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