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Tik tok has become one of the most used social media platforms of 2018. There’s a lot of changes in the app itself to this year. Developers of the app are trying really hard to provide the best user experience.

Tik Tok is most widely used to create stunning short videos online. A live stream is one of the best features to stay connected with your friends, have a little chat or share your experience on the go. Tik tok app is not only just a lip-sync app. It can also send messages to other Tik tok users plus you can make live videos.

Those of you that have just downloaded the app will find this method a little bit of tricky. Tik tok live stream feature is in Beta mode and requires a specified set of followers to fully go online.

You need almost 500-1000 followers minimum in order to use go live feature. The official figure on how many followers you need is not described by the developers itself. Because this feature is currently in Beta mode. Maybe they will introduce this feature or maybe not.

If you have more then 1000 followers in your user profile and it’s verified then you can follow the method described below.


How to go live on Tik Tok App?

Step 1

  • Open Tik tok App and press the Plus icon

Step 2

  • Hit the live button which is available besides the recording button. In case you’re using an IOS device Swipe left.

How to go Tik Tok Live


Step 3

  • Now use a title for your Live video. Make sure the title is eye-catching, because if you use a short title, your live feature may disappear.


Tik Tok Go Live

Step 4

  • Now press the “Go Live” button and you’re good to go.


Why can’t I go live on Tik Tok?

There are many users that can’t find this Go live button and if they do, this button just disappears after some time. Here we have provided some points that may be the reason this happens to you.

Go Live feature is currently in Beta Mode, hence it is not available for all users. You may need to update your App to the newer version.

Some words are banned in the Go Live feature like Duet, Drama queen, follow me, Bff, Fan and curse words etc. If you will use these words in your live video, the chances are higher that your account will get banned.

Some Rumors says you need at least 1000 fans to use the Go live feature, also these digits may vary in different countries.


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