How To Get A Crown On Tik Tok | TikTok Crown

If you’re using Tik Tok app for a long time, then you’re well aware of that getting a Crown on your profile picture is the highest award that you can get from the app. You will get a bunch of different benefits and your fans followers will just boost each day. So how to get a crown in the tik tok app?

Well, it’s not an easy task. It takes a lot of videos and fan followers to finally get the highest reward of tik tok. There are tons of different Spam methods that you can try to get a crown easily.

But your account will be banned after some time. You simply cannot trick the tik tok app. If you have fan followers of like 100k then you simply won’t do spamming.

Our advice is to use the app legally and not to try any hack or trick method for this purpose. We can provide you with some tips and tricks that you can follow to get your profile a crown tag. This will take time but the reward is amazing. Before further due let’s dive in.


Create A Valid Tik Tok Account

Use your original email id, mobile number and first verify yourself. Post your videos on each social media platform like youtube, facebook, Instagram etc. This will drive more fan followers to your profile. At first, your main target is to make quality content. So don’t use vulgar language, music, or duet videos. These will affect your fan followers ratings in the future.


Make High Definition Videos

It is better that you record your video in the highest quality. If your phone supports 1080p quality then shot it in HD. If you have HDR, then use it. HDR will help you sharpen your video. You can also use a professional camera for some videos if you have one, otherwise, your Front and Rear camera of the smartphone are fine. Try not to use so many filters at the start, it will make your video Laggy.


Make trending challenges

The best way to boost your performance on Tik Tok is to use trending topics. You can search for trending topics and challenges on Tik Tok, facebook, Instagram and youtube. Make sure your video is bright and cheerful. There are tons of training dances going on daily, don’t be shy and think of something funny that will attract people.


Use hashtag Wisely

Hashtags are one of the most important factors of making a video viral. Use hashtags wisely on tik tok. You can use the google search engine and find related topics about your videos. Use 1, 2 and then 3 words hashtags. Always start to form the shorter word. Also remember to use related hashtags, don’t use so many of them.


Get Live weekly

Start a live stream on tik tok with your followers on weekly basis. Get live on 2-3 times per week. Inform your followers that you will be live at a specific time, then get live with a creativity topic. Amaze your followers with different games, answers there questions in the live feed and show them your stuff. Live videos are the best way of boosting your performance on social media.


Make Friends With Other Tik Tok Users

It is very important that you interact with other tik tok users. Make a Duet with them, go live with them. This will increase your fan followers in a matter of days without using any sort of publicity.



So the points I’ve mentioned above are all free. You can use Premium feature and make your video Features on the search result too. If you have that much budget. Only you can make quality content, we can just provide tips and tricks to better rank yourself. Only tik tok knows when it’s best to hand over you this crown reward.

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