How To Delete Tik Tok Account | Delete Tiktok Musically Account

Tik Tok Muscially App is global phenomena nowadays in which millions of people are sharing their quality content daily. It’s a fun app if you perform daily tasks and weekly challenges or make a duo or any other collab video with your friends.

Making an account on tik tok is an easy process. You just need an Email, password and your unique username. In case you want to Delete your account permanently then you need some more things to verify yourself. First of all let me tell you if you delete your account from the described method below, then you can’t retrieve it ever.

Deleting a Tik Tok Account

Only a short while ago when Tik Tok app name was musically, you have to contact the customer support in order to remove your account from their database completely. Now the process is very simple. You just need a verified phone number in order to delete your account. So let’s get started with the process.

Note: You must first add a phone number to verify yourself. If you don’t have a mobile number then you can’t delete your account.


Steps to Delete Tik Tok Musically Account

Step 1

  • Open tik tok app and click on the Account Section

Delete a tik tok account

Step 2

  • On the top right corner you will see three dots, Tap on it and a pop-up menu will open.

tiktok account deletion

Step 3

  • Now Tap on “Privacy and settings” option and “Manage my Account”. Now enter your phone number in the required section. Tik Tok app will send you an OTP message to verify your account automatically. You will receive it in around 2 Minutes maximum.

How to delete tik tok account

Step 4

  • Tap on “Thinking about removing your account” and enter the received OTP code in the verification code section and press “Continue”

delete tik tok musically account

Now the app will tell you a note that you really want to delete your account? Go ahead and tap on “Continue” and your Tik Tok account is deleted permanently.

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