What is Tik Tok App?

Tik Tok is a social network dedicated to short self-made music videos. Tik Tok incorporates popular elements from both Musical.ly and Tik Tok. Using Tik Tok you can watch millions of other musical clips online and can create a reaction to your favorite videos. You can make short clips and edit them directly from the app with tons of great Magical special effects, Background music, and weekly Fun challenges.

Tik Tok Musically has cool filters speed adjustments and contains all the famous filters available on messenger or Instagram. It also has an advanced duet function specifically for singing with friends in another place. With all these great features and fun activities, there are some drawbacks of this app too. Privacy is the main focus of every app available online.

Tik Tok Musically



At first tik tok app didn’t focus completely on users privacy which led many users to exhibit content. But now this app is getting better with more and more updates. Now you can easily change your privacy settings to “only friends can tik tok me“, “hide location info” and “Private account“.


Musical.ly name changed to Tik tok

The musical.ly also know as musically app has shut down on Aug of 2018. All of there existing users will be transferred to a new app named as Tik Tok. Existing Musical.ly users, content and followers will move to Tik Tok.

Features of tik tok

  • Make a short video
  • Transfer the way you look
  • Create incredible special effects
  • Connect with other tik tok users
  • Enjoy special filters and AR effects


What is musical.ly?

Musical.ly is an online social media platform where you can do a number of stuff including:

  • Record Lip-Syncing
  • Share creation
  • Remix titles
  • Browse Music


Tik Tok Musically App Download

Tik Tok app is currently available on Apple app store and Google play store. This app can be downloaded for free, and also features in-app purchases. At the time of download, this app requires your permission in order to work properly. Like Camera, Gallery, Location, Mic, Social media account access. You can choose which privacy setting you want or not.

If you want to terminate a specified privacy setting later in the future, then just go to the setting and locate the app. On or off the setting that you want to terminate.


Tik Tok Musically App Free Download Android IOS

Below we have provided the download links of tik tok app download. If you’re visiting from Apple device then choose App store, and if you’re visiting from Android Device then choose google play store.



Tik Tok Musically App Installation Guide

Installing an app on your smartphone is getting easy day by day. You just need some click and you are good to go. In this section, we will briefly demonstrate how to install tik tok app in your smartphone device, either it is Android or IOS. Check this Guide for complete Info regarding Tik Tok LogIn and how to Use Tik Tok.

  • First of all, make sure that you’re logged in with your App store account
  • Now open your designated App store and search Tik Tok
  • When you see the app icon, click on install
  • Now the app will require permission from different sources
  • This will automatically install the app on your smartphone
  • Once the app is installed, you can sign up or log in your account


Tik Tok Musically App Videos

The trend of tik tok videos is getting famous day by day. Around 13 Million Videos are uploaded on tik tok daily. It’s on-trend on every social media platform. You can also Download Tik Tok Videos. People make duet and compilation videos on the famous topic. It has also gained its importance in Meme compilation videos. Many people make Funny compilation videos of tik tok on youtube. Check here how you can watch Tik Tok new Videos. If you dont have mobile and want to watch Tik Tok Videos on Pc as well. Check this Tik Tok PC Guide

Some Tik Tok useful Post are these.

Tik Tok Auto Liker Apk

Tik Tok Followers Hack

Tik Tok Likes Hack


Tik Tok Musically App Apk

Here we have provided Tik Tok Apk Download links and installation guide. Make sure to follow each step for a successful installation. Tik Tok Mod Apk is basically the modified version of the original app. It has all the premium member features. Installing this apk file will help you gain:

  • Unlimited followers
  • Unlimited likes
  • Free In-app purchases
  • Thousands of premium music
  • Premium special effects
  • Premium Green screen effects
  • Premium AR effects
  • Advanced camera for better videos and much more.


Tik Tok In-app Purchases list

Tik Tok app offers some in-app purchases that can be bought virtually. These coins can help you get premium resources like Music, filters, special effects and much more.

  • 100 Coins  (USD 0.99)
  • 500 Coins  (USD 4.99)
  • 2000 Coins  (USD 19.99)
  • 5000 Coins  (USD 49.99)
  • 10000 Coins (USD 99.99)


Tik Tok Wiki

There are so many great mobile application released this year. Tik Tok is one of them.

Tiktok is a global social media community in which you can watch and share awesome short videos. There are so many different stuff that you can do with this app.

Some of the best features are:

  • Watch and Share millions of videos uploaded daily
  • Get entertained from creaters around the globe
  • Add music and sound in your short videos
  • Use awesome Face Filters and 100+ of emojis
  • Edit your video, from within the app
  • Livestream with all your friends just from a single click
  • Choose different videos category all ready to be consumed


Tik Tok App wiki ios

  • Tik Tok app is initially released on September 2016, available in 34 different languages.
  • Tik Tok is a joint venture of Musical.ly Inc. Sharing its content with both the apps.
  • The app is listed as free but offers in-App Purchases.
  • Tik Tok received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with 181 total reviews.
  • This app has been rated as 12+ for Mature content.
  • It requires IOS 9.3 or above compaitable device.
  • Download size is listed as 218.7 MB


Tik Tok Wiki Android

  • Tik Tok is initially released on September 2016, which is available in 34 different languages
  • It is a joint venture of Musical.ly App
  • This app is currently free, but offers in-app purchases
  • Tik Tok received a rating of 4.4 with 6,845,079 total reviews
  • This app is rated as 12+ for mature content
  • It requires Android 4.1 or above compatible device
  • Download Size is listed as 44 MB


Tik Tok Account Delete Guide

Here we have covered all the basic steps on how to delete your account permanently from tik tok. Or you can check this Complete Step by Step guide on Deleting TikTok Account.

  • Open Tik Tok App
  • Tap on the person icon on the lower right of your screen
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Click on Privacy and safety settings
  • Click delete account and press next
  • Click continue
  • Done


How to duet on Tik Tok?

Making a duet with your friends or even from a video that you love from tik tok is so much fun. Duet videos are the most watched videos on Tik Tok so far. Here we have explained how you can make a duet with anyone on tik tok. Or you can check this Complete Step by Step guide on how to do duet on tik tok

  • Select the video that you want to make a duet with
  • Click on the share icon
  • Click on Duet
  • Make your video along side with your chosen video
  • Select the split screen
  • Select the cover and music
  • Finally, post the video


Frequently Asked Questions for Tik Tok Musically

What age is Tik Tok appropriate for?

Both on IOS and Android platform, it is rated as 12+ for its mature content.

Can I earn money from TikTok?

If you have a bigger audience, then you can sell different affiliate items or even your own products. It works same like different social media platforms.

How long are Tik Tok videos?
Tik Tok videos are around 15-60 seconds long.

Can people make money on Tik Tok?
Yes, if your videos go viral and result in the increasing sales of that particular song then you can earn a decent amount. You can also reach out to the company that owns that music, and use their future music in your videos.

In which country Tik Tok app is popular?
Tik Tok App is popular around the globe, still, if you look at the statistics of most downloads according to a region then Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan are on top.

Is tik tok legal?

It depends on which region you’re using this app. Some countries have banned this app because of copyright content.

Is tik tok safe to use in UK/USA?
Yes, it is unless you use it for any sort of personal revenue gaining activity.

Can I upload Tik Tok videos on youtube?

If the video music is listed as copyright then no, otherwise you can upload your videos.


Tik Tok Musically App

Tik Tok has gained a huge number of followers from the past couple of months. Because of its genre of music and trending activity, it is highly famous for our youngster’s community.

Tik Tok has received more downloads and installs then Whatsapp and Instagram app itself and it will be on top in the music category by 2019. So why is this app so famous? What is so creative about this app?

Tik Tok was first released in 2014 by the name of Musical.ly. In 2018, the developers decided to share the content of this app with a newer china company so they changed its name too.

The main objective was to bring 2 apps together to make a more powerful app, that is working fine till this date. They completely redesigned the app with newer features like AR, Better editing software, huge music library, special AR effects, Green Screen effects and much more. They have also merge some features like Muscial.ly app get crown feature. We have created a guide on it how you can Get Crown on Tik Tok also.

They also shifted all the data of existing Musical.ly users to newly designed tik tok. This is where the trend of the music video started. Tik Tok China introduced a new feature called “weekly challenge”. Which gained a lot of eyes in the whole world.

In which all tik tok users participated and gained publicity on their current videos. You must have heard of the recent KIKI challenge. Yup, that was introduced by Tik Tok developers. It was the most famous challenge that they have ever come up with.

This is the cheapest way to gain publicity and to show your talents with the world. I mean some tik tok users in China got a professional job after their tik tok videos go viral on social media. Here we have mentioned guide how you Go Live on Tik Tok

Some of them have offers to work in the entertainment industry. So my suggestion for you guys is to at least try this app for once before criticizing. You may find this app interesting.


Interesting Facts About Tik Tok

  • The first name of this app was “douyin”
  • douyin was only supposed to release for Chinese users.
  • After receiving tons of publicity on social media the developers decided to change its name again
  • Now the current name of the app is Tik Tok
  • As of 2018, there are 500+Million active users of Tik Tok
  • There are 13 Million videos uploaded on tik tok everyday
  • Tik Tok has the biggest music collection than any other social media app
  • There are new filters and special effects introduced every day in the app
  • Tik Tok itself is famous on other social media platform like Facebook, youtube, Instagram etc
  • Tik Tok also offers Green Screen effects
  • There are so many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities using tik tok everyday