How to Play on Computer PC is one of the most popular social network app where you can send musical, audio or video clips with your friends.

With over 200 million users worldwide, and its more than 100 million daily users. It has over 1 billion music files on its servers which you can access and download unlimited number of songs and songs from your favorite artists.

If you are a musician or an actor and want to download their songs or want to download others songs, then you have to come to online music directory to get direct links to download all the songs for free.

Music directory is similar to TikTok, Vine etc. It’s a mobile app which is available on almost all the smartphones and it offers music download facility through its server. So, this online music directory is created by users who have downloaded the app and used it for free, and they also offer direct download links to different songs and album of any song in their respective genres.

If you want to download free songs and songs from any artist then you have to use music download directory. However, if you want to download the songs and songs from your favorite artist then you have to get in touch with the original developers of the app.

The developers of do not offer any official music download links to anyone. There are many apps in the Play store which offer music download service but is different, as it’s a mobile app and doesn’t allow you to download songs, they only allow you to share the songs on social network.

So, in order to download free songs from, you have to search for the songs in the download music directory.

How to download music from on computer

You can download any song from music download directory directly on your computer. Here are the steps to download free songs from on your computer:

1: Open the music download directory website on your computer

2: Select the genre of the songs you want to download

3: You can also select the artist and the songs in your favourite songs list

4: Now select the songs you want to download and click on download button

5: The download process will start automatically, and after it’s done the music will be saved to your computer


So, these were the steps to download free songs from on your computer. You can also download songs and music from your favourite artist in the song directory. However, you have to note that the directory is not official and the song download links do not come directly from the

If you like to post free or pay for songs and free download, you can post them in the comments section below.