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Download musical.ly apk 6.2.0 for Android. Share music videos and special effects with social media in just one click! Add up to 100 users to share your music! It’s really quick and easy to add your friends and share their listening experience with you!

With musical.ly, you can share your music videos, photos and playlists with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Downloading musical.ly is one of the easiest ways to share your music videos with friends, as the application is super-user-friendly.

  • Musical.ly APK 6.2.0 APK for Android free download. There are different versions of the APK which may update to version 6.2.0 from previous version. You can download musical.ly latest APK version 6.2.0 for Android from this post.


Create a musical.ly account for free to start sharing.

Join an endless amount of sharing parties to get discovered!

Find music or add songs to playlists in your music library.

Download all your favorite songs for offline listening.

Discover the music of the artists you love and the new songs from the artists you listen to.

Music.ly is totally FREE to join. Just create an account and you’re set to get started.

What’s New in musical.ly 6.2.0

  1. New music videos – Enjoy your favorite songs and exclusive songs from new artists and artists that you might not have heard of.
  2. Exclusive tracks – The new “exclusive” songs are limited to 100 in total! We’re bringing back the track releases in an easier to find way.
  3. Party feature – We’re launching the party features for those of you who want to get creative and show off what you can do with the app.
  4. Social and discovery features – We’re making the whole social discovery experience a lot easier with the help of our new “friends & discover” feature.
  5. New layouts

Enjoy the new musical.ly design and take advantage of the additional features

  • Some screens and features will be shown in a previous version of the app.

Musical.ly is totally FREE to join. Just create an account and you’re set to get started.